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Coverage for dam construction

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The Pistelli proceeded to install a Cubierta for the construction of a prey of 80 meters of anchor for 580 meters, with a surface of 46,400 m², in Minas Gerais - Brazil.
This work has the collaboration of Pistelli Portugal workers.
Covering for the construction of prey is an important alternative in the reduction of plots and dies in civil works. This type of emergency box for works allows you to work 24 hours a day.
In places that are difficult to access, with unevenness, the intense sun shines, the Coverage for works is indispensable in the execution of works, as it is a practical and economic solution to cover large spaces temporarily.
It is an emergency box for large works and has several benefits, among them the adaptation to any type of suelo and a simplified setup.
It is manufactured in synthetic membrane, with UV ray blockers, low consumption ventilation and automatic backing, offering convenience and safety in the work done. The tank renter for large works becomes an important alternative to a civil work.

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