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tensioned coverage for shadowing


In the field of textile architecture, the Pistelli Engineering elaborates projects, as well as manufacture, supply and installation of tensioned canvas covers. The tensioned structure has a "key concept" double bend in opposite directions, which absorbs efforts in either direction, thus ensuring the stability of the structure. The structural functioning and the aesthetic aspect of these coverings are closely linked; represent the major challenge of the project and create the dynamism and lightness of its shape. In a few cases for your application stand out sports clubs (including tennis and paddle courts), residences, public spaces, green spaces, areas by the sea, bars, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, kiosks and even homes, medical clinics or offices.

The Tense structures or tensile structures can be used for the construction of single coverage in designed or existing buildings for weather protection, to integrate a landscape design, etc. Differ from other construction materials with the flexibility of prefabrication.
In fact, these structures allow the use of natural lighting and aesthetically pleasing ways.
The geometry of the tensioned structure can be used in a multitude of variations and combinations for producing architecture and surprising contoured shapes. During the day, the sun provides a diffuse interior lighting, without revealing transparency when viewed from outside. At night, the interior lighting makes the canvas look on, like a "Back Light", bouncing the eyes the beauty of their external forms.
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