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Industrial buildings

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We manufacture and install Industrial Buildings with galvanized steel structures with polyester fabric coating, PVC coated, with lucid and fluorine lacquer finish, anti fungus treatment, flame retardant and low capillarity.

Our Industrial Warehouses or Industrial Tents, as well as can be called, are modular and can be dimensioned according to the needs of each client, from 10 meters in width and length, and can be enlarged every 5 meters.
This type of Provisional Installations allows you a great volume of storage, because they have a right foot of 5 meters.

A few days ago we proceeded to the assembly of another Industrial Warehouse with 250 m² in the center zone, in the premises of a client of ours in the area of ??the automobile industry. Given its need to increase production, this space will allow you a larger storage area until the final delivery of the product.

Contact us, we have this and other solutions for storage.
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