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Metallic Coverings

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The Pistelli Engenharia philosophy over the last 20 years of existence is to provide the best solutions for storage in order to respond to the needs of its customers in maximum use of their spaces.

We are committed to meeting the needs of each client with technical and personalized knowledge, providing a set of solutions, such as: Metallic Covers, Steel Warehouses, Industrial Warehouses and Pre-Fabricated.

We have been designing, manufacturing and assembling all over Europe for Metal Coverings, manufactured in rectangular tube structure of galvanized steel and the coating can be in single sheet, sandwich panel or canvas (polyester fabric, flat PVC coated, finished in Lucid lacquer and fluoride, anti fungus treatment, flame retardant and low capillarity).

All Pistelli Metal Roofs, including Steel Warehouses, may be installed on any type of terrain, provided it is regular.

As for construction licensing, most municipalities do not require it, since our metal structures are considered removable.

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