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Rental of tents for storage

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We recently installed in the Carregado area an Industrial Warehouse 15 meters wide by 30 meters long and with a right foot of 5 meters, which will allow our client an additional area for the storage of automotive components.

The rental of Tents for storage translates into temporary facilities very useful for companies that need storage facilities for a certain period of time, the rental period may be short or long-lasting, depending on the need of each client.

The storage tents manufactured, marketed and installed by Pistelli Engenharia are modular, which allows them to be enlarged every 5 meters depending on the intended area and are removable, so that most municipalities do not require any type of licensing.

The metal structure is made of galvanized steel with fire and the textile membrane used is of the highest quality and impermeable, it is a polyester fabric, coated in PVC flat, with lucid lacquer and fluorine finish, anti-fungus treatment, retarder of flame and low capillarity.

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