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"Good morning, do you have a Warehouse for rent?" - These were the first words of a client who asked us for a budget for a Warehouse rental with 750 m² for a period of 12 months.

In just one week we make this Logistic Warehouse available in the north of the country, meeting the needs of our client.

We have been present in Portugal since 1996 and provide services throughout Europe in the area of ??warehousing, logistics and confection of roofing engineering for a wide range of purposes. We are specialists in the manufacture, commercialization and installation of temporary installations, among them the Temporary Hangar and Industrial Warehouses.

The lack of storage facilities is no longer a problem for our customers, who know that they can count on personalized advice, short-time assembly of the equipment, technical assistance and affordable prices.

The quality of our products allows us to be serious about providing all services, as our customers satisfaction in obtaining the use of their spaces is the reason for our existence.

If you also need a Warehouse to rent, contact us. We offer you the best solution for your specific case.

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